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Published by Dhanush Krishnan on 20th Oct 2018

Last edit: 20th Oct 2018

Maintainer: Dhanush Krishnan (Ded_Boi)

Device Status:

Stuff that works:

  • Boot
  • VoLTE
  • Fingerprint
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera

Stuff that dosent work:

  • None

Whaddup mah bois, this is you oneplus3 maintainer, Dhanush here. Well, about myself, im more of a minimalist guy. Love experimenting with stuff. Also an EDM-head. Ill let you in on my configs and mods below.

My Setup:


So I’ve already told ya im an EDM-head. With that said, here are the audio mods that I use. The one i currently use is V4A (, with notification helper module and compatibility patch, along with audio modification library to make em all work in harmony. Ill share my V4A config below. Google Sans is a mandatory font for my roms. For theming, Swift Installer is my best choice, with an ever-growing list of apps being themed, with custom colour choices.

Here are my V4A configs: Sicc Best served with some sick drops

So that’s all bout me n my stuff, lemme know if y’all got any suggestions or even some dope drops for me to try :P in the comments below.

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