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Published by vegeto18 on 2018/10/19
Last edit: 2018/10/19

Hello, this is Abhay Kshatriya (vegeto1806). ArrowOS maintainer for zenfone3 (Asus Zenfone 3 - ZE520KL/ZE552KL) I’ll be sharing few of my own settings and stuff. The ROM is pretty much stable, refer to xda post. Few users had issues with APN which is being worked on and should be soon fixed.
Let’s start from the very beginning.


Clean flash
  • Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik.
  • Flash ROM zip, opengapps nano, latest magisk beta.
  • After 1st boot, flash Advanced kernel
Dirty flash
  • Flash ROM zip, and Advanced kernel.
    Flashing Advanced Kernel is not necessary, more on that later.



I use planet9’s Advanced Kernel (OC). I set blu_active as CPU Governor, enable USB Quick Charge and set Low Memory Killer as Very Light in Kernel Adiutor.


I use Lawnchar v2 CI with Lawnstep, Daily Wallpaper in Google’s Wallpapers app and Chromatin Icon pack.

Magisk Modules

  • Lawnstep
  • Gboard themes
  • Youtube Vanced

zenfone3 ArrowOS Pie thread
ROM Download link
Andvanced Kernel Pie preview build (by planet9)

*This post will be updated gradually with more tweaks and info.