Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro [Whyred]

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Published by Raj Jadeja on 20th Oct, 2018
Last edit: 20th Oct, 2018

Maintainer : Raj Jadeja

Device status: STABLE

Hey there Raj here, your Whyred device maintainer for ArrowOS I’ll be interacting with you guys over here about what tweaks i do in my Whyred after flashing ArrowOS & will be answering your queries about our device in comment sections. I’ll be sharing my Homescreen setup each week which will be simple & attractive. Also I’ll share what mods i use.

My Homescreen setup for this week:

  • Wallpapers I usally grab from app called Wallzy
  • Launcher I use is Lawnchair
  • You can get latest updates of Lawnchair from here
  • Backup of the Lawnchair setup along with current wallpaper. Restore it. Bydefault Hide status bar is On. You can disable it from Lawnchair Settings>Desktop
  • Icon pack that I’ve used is Mellow Dark which is paid. For alternative you can try Viral icon pack which is free. You can get both on Play Store
  • A small tip, Set the system Accent according to Wallpaper.


  • SanFrancisco Fonts which is Apple fonts. Grab it from here
  • Xthermal mode which overclocks Battery charging input speed upto 2580 mAh. Yeah I had it inbuilt itself in previous builds, but i removed it as most of users don’t like to overclock their charging speed. Link is here

Substratum themes:

  • PitchBlack substratum theme which i highly recommend. It almost themes every app & have lots of Accents. Buy it, you won’t regret.

Let me know about the tweaks and mods that you use in the comments sections below. Will be happy to try them out. 😉

XDA thread:

I don’t seek for donations, just a thanks is enough ;) You can join our ArrowOS Whyred telegram group from here

*This post will be updated gradually with more tweaks and info.